Cables and protection systems

Here, we test wires, such as

  • Single-core cables
  • Twisted cable
  • Sheathed multi-core cables
  • High voltage single and multi-core cables

and cable protection systems, such as

  • Adhesive tapes
  • Protective sleeves
  • Corrugated tubes

In addition to OEM release tests, we do of course also perform tests for product development in accordance with your instructions. Furthermore, we also offer annual re-qualification test services.

You can also contract us to perform material testing on plastics (tension tests, thermal analysis, MFI, odour, ...) pursuant to set specifications or based on your guidelines.

The tests performed on wires are generally based on the tests laid out in ISO6722 (single conductor) and ISO14572 (sheathed wires). However, OEM specifications sometimes enhance the scope of those tests considerably.

Here is a brief example of the tests generally needed for OEM release of a simple single-core cable:

  • Dimension test
  • Electrical tests on the cable
    • Conductor electrical resistance
    • Withstand voltage
    • Current load (derating)
    • Storage in hot water
  • Tests on the insulation sleeve
    • Insulation volume resistivity
    • Density
    • Tensile strength and elongation at break
    • Shrinkage by heat
    • Pressure test at high temperature
    • Rheology
    • Calorimetry
    • Thermogravimetry
    • Resistance to flame propagation
  • Mechanical tests on the cableg
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Strip force
    • Bending and sliding forces
    • Bending cycle resistance
  • Climatic tests
    • Cold bending and Cold impact
    • Temperature and humidity cycling
    • Storage in moist heat
  • Thermal ageing
    • Short-term ageing 240 h
    • Long-term ageing 3000 h
    • Overload tests
  • Resistance tests
    • Ozone
    • Fuels and chemicals
    • Cable harness components
    • Mycological test (fungal infestation)

Contact partner

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Dr. Hartmut Selke

Tel.: +49 4744 91393-20

Significant specifications:


  • ISO6722-1
  • ISO14572
  • LV112-1/-2/-3/-4
  • LV212-1/-2
  • LV122
  • LV216-1/-2
  • FORD ES-AU5T-1A348
  • GMW15626
  • Volvo 3183486
  • TPJLR 18.007

Protection systems

  • LV312-1/-2/-3