High frequency lab

We mainly perform measurements on practically all wiring configurations available: coaxial, symmetric, non-shielded, single conductors, bundles and much more. All measurements can be combined as reasonable with load tests (thermal ageing, bending and torsion cycles, humid heat, tension and pressure).

In addition to wires, our service spectrum also includes plugs and components combined with wires, such as filters and distributors.

We also perform tests on components not intended for high-frequency applications, yet whose performance under high frequencies needs to be known. For example, the evaluation of electromagnetic interference. That is why we perform also measurements on components with no clearly defined wave impedance (high voltage connectors, sensor cables).

We determine indicators relevant to HF:

Determined by structure

  • Capacity / inductivity
  • Characteristic impedance
  • Return loss
  • Line symmetry

Transmission properties

  • Insertion loss
  • Return loss
  • Velocity of propagation
  • Delay and skew
  • Crosstalk
  • Mode conversion

Shielding effect

  • Screening attenuation
  • Surface transfer impedance
  • Coupling attenuation

Contact partner

Image: Andreas Arnold

Andreas Arnold

Tel.: +49 4744 91393-40

Significant specifications:

  • DIN EN 50289
  • DIN EN 60512
  • DIN 72594
  • IEC 61196
  • IEC 61156
  • IEC 62153
  • ISO 4141
  • LV213
  • LV215
  • LV216