VDE tests

This division tests harmonised low voltage cables and wires for compliance with the pertinent VDE norms.
The wires tested include:

  • PVC sleeved wires, such as H05VV-F
  • PVC-insulated, single conductor, non-sleeved wires, such as H07V-U
  • Thermal resistant silicone conductor wires, such as H05S-K
  • Sleeved wires with insulation sleeve and coating made from EPR, such as H05RR-F

These tests include:

  • Checking structure and dimensions
  • Electrical tests on the wire
    • Conductor resistance
    • Withstand voltage
    • Insulation volume resistivity
    • Surface resistance
    • DC voltage resistance
  • Mechanical tests on the wire
    • Tensile strength and elongation at break
    • Pressure test at high temperature
    • Cold impact
  • Climatic tests
    • Storage in the cold
  • Thermal ageing
    • Short-term ageing
    • Ageing in the pressure chamber
  • Resistance tests
    • Ozone
    • Resistance to flame propagation

Contact partner

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Thorsten von Maurich

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Significant specifications:

  • DIN VDE 0281-1
  • DIN VDE 0282-1
  • DIN EN 50395 (VDE 0481-395)
  • DIN EN 50396 (VDE 0473-396)